Waving Socialization Goodbye.

I am one of those people who hate big group functions. I typically am in the corner at parties or maybe speak two words when I first meet someone. When I first heard about the virus was on Jan 2. My Pastor informed me the virus was in China. First I immediately thought that China was doomed. How could so many people stop their lives to protect not only them but their family? A few months later and it hits the US. Then hits my state. Then my town.

I typically freak out about everything but this time I could not do that. I need to be strong. I am trying not to think about it and just continue washing my hands and helping where I am needed. BUT how can I not think about it?

Hospitals are full. I have a phobia of hospitals well being left alone in the hospital. Patients can only have ONE visitor if any. So if a a baby is born the mother and father are there and that’s it. If a woman has a C section the father cannot be present. How are we expected to live like this? I feel horrible for all of these patients.

What really got me was when I was going grocery shopping and I picked up a few things for my husband’s grandparents. I wiped everything down before giving it to them. I saw Pop. I was not allowed to hug his neck or even shake his hand. I was able to wave. WAVE. I would do anything to hug my family.

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Photographer, crazy cat lady, from Ttown.

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