Wars of Relationships

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Being in a relationship is hard especially if you are in a long distance relationship. It is also hard when your significant other is fighting for our country. A new media artist created a piece to show the difficulty of her boyfriend coming back from war.

Olia Lialina is known for her piece My Boyfriend Came Back From The War. Lialina’s work is composed of several black and white frames with words and a few designs of a couple. Lialina’s work is a defined as digital art because she uses new media technology to create her piece. Personally this work speaks to me because I could never imagine being in a relationship and my boyfriend be in the war. I would constantly worry about his safety. War changes people. When my boyfriend came back he might not be the same. Lialina portrayed these emotions well. When I began to work on future project I will remember to express emotion through my piece.


Published by averysophia

Photographer, crazy cat lady, from Ttown.

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