Dara Birnbaum

Dara Birnbaum not only uses television footages for her shows but she also may add photography. A photographer myself I enjoy her broad artistic eye. This article by Marian Goodman Gallery provides not only pictures of her showing but describes Birnbaum’s upbringing. https://www.mariangoodman.com/artists/32-dara-birnbaum/

I choose the video Birnbaum made because of the creativity she used. Birnbaum takes an ordinary girl and by spinning in circles she magically becomes Wonder Woman. The message Birnbaum is giving is you can be whoever you want to be. An ordinary girl can be a hero. This is new media because Birnbaum uses digital technology to take an woman and make her into Wonder Woman, who help saves the world. While working on work I can remember that I can take something ordinary and make it into something big.

Published by averysophia

Photographer, crazy cat lady, from Ttown.

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