When a Dog Wags it’s Tail…

Dogs are a mans best friend. They love to be with their humans at all times. When they are put outside they pout. Even if they are out for a few minutes to potty. This picture fascinates me because the animation is realistic. This GIF was made by Rebecca Mock. The picture is still except for the dogs tail. When I put my dogs outside they act like it is the end of the world. The dogs eyes also blink, but they blink in a pitiful way. The dog is wanting us to feel bad for it. The dog wagging its tail shows the audience that he or she still wants to play. This is a great example of a digital art because digital technology is used to manipulate the dogs eyes and tail to create this GIF. This image shows emotion. Even though the dog is not physically telling the viewer what he/she wants the viewer is able to understand what the dog is needing. When I create a GIF I need to remember to express emotion in some way if I use animals or humans.


Published by averysophia

Photographer, crazy cat lady, from Ttown.

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