Jeremy Blake

Jeremy Blake an artist born in Oklahoma during 1970’s. Blake is known for his digital art and his paintings. Blake’s life ended abruptly when his lover committed suicide and he followed her lead.

Jeremy Blake created this oil on canvas art piece which he then named his work I Know Where Sid Barrett Lives. This oil on canvas reminds me of my cats. Cats are all cute and cuddly but can change from giving kisses to biting your fingers in a matter of seconds. There is a cheesy song also called I Know where Syd Barrett Lives. The first lyric is:

“There’s a little man in a little house With a little pet dog and a little pet mouse” .

Maybe Blake designed this piece based off that song.

Jeremy Blake also has other pieces which made him a new media artist. For example Sodium Family Values, uses a collage of different textures to create a pieces that reminds me of another universe. It is an example of a Digital chromogenic print (c-print).

I enjoy looking at Jeremy Blake pieces because they range in all different kinds or styles and are unique. I believe he spoke through his art. The crazy collage of randomness might have been when he fell in love and had unknown feelings rise to the surface. I will remember his work throughout my photography because no matter how crazy my ideas are I can make them work with the help of technology.

Published by averysophia

Photographer, crazy cat lady, from Ttown.

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