Even A Beautiful Day Has Clouds

Everyone knows Monday’s are everyone’s least favorite day of the week. What makes a Monday worse is when rain is in the forecast. Knowing that you have to get up and go to work when it’s pouring outside. You have to wear uncomfortable rain boots or get hot in your rain jacket. Now if the Monday is sunny it might make for a positive ending. Some of the prettiest days have clouds covering the sun but just for a second or two. One thing I noticed about Christian Moeller’s sculptors is that the pictures he has uploaded on his website have the sculpture as the focal point and then the background is a beautiful blue sky with a few clouds. I do not this the sculpture would stand out in the picture if it was not a beautiful blue and white background.

Bobble is a free standing sculpture designed by Christian Moeller. It catches my eye because of its unique shape and the fact that there is a ball just floating inside this fiberglass sculpture. On a windy day the ball moves causing the sculpture to become animated. By becoming animated allows for Bobble to be a visual art piece which belongs to the new media. Being a photographer I appreciate the quality of these pictures. The pictures make them art pieces themselves. The color tone of the sky is not too much to overpower the pictures and the main focal point is the sculpture.  When photoshopping a  picture I need to remember not to do any editing that overpowers the focal point of my pictures.

Published by averysophia

Photographer, crazy cat lady, from Ttown.

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