Glitch Art

The 1947 film noir Nora Prentiss gets a remix from Flickr user Hugh Manon, as Ann Sheridan talks to a computerized ghost.

Glitch art reminds me of the movie I watch with my nephew, Wreck It Ralph. The little girl is going crazy about the glitch that is about to occur. Glitches are memorizing to say the least. They make me freak out too. For an object or person to be manipulated in a way that makes it artistic proves that technology can do anything if we allow it. This art work fascinates me. It reminds me of those sappy songs, that only you listen to, in your car, and on a rainy day, while pretending you’re in a music video. Glitch Noir, by Hugh Manon, portrays a classy lady starring out the window at a computerized ghost. The piece of art is hauntingly beautiful. When one prays or is remembering their loved ones we imagine in our heads their face, but we imagine them in their beauty. By doing that we make a glitch in our head. We do not know how our loved ones look but we imagine them to be perfect. Glitch Noir is dark and depressing, except the ghost is bright and colorful with every color imaginable. If the piece was in full black and white or full color the art would not be as appealing. For a futuristic project, I may remember to make my subject pop by using different colors.

Published by averysophia

Photographer, crazy cat lady, from Ttown.

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